Inspiring & Empowering Women with Simple Modern Luxury

ABLE is a brand that designs for women who want to stand out. The clothing is designed to be daring and different while emphasizing and flattering the figure of real women, no matter her size or shape

Who We Are.

ABLE is a contemporary womenswear brand that designs clothing that focuses on simple modern luxury.

The meaning behind the brand’s name is that each letter in it is the initial for an independent, strong woman in head designer, Amanda Campbell’s life that has influenced and mentored her as a designer. ABLE also means having the power, skill, means, or opportunity to do something, to be successful at something.

Campbell’s love for fashion design began at a young age when her Grandmother taught her how to sew. She began taking sewing and fashion design classes at a fabric store in her hometown when she was in middle school. While in those classes, Campbell discovered the power of clothing and how creating something with her own hands and being able to wear it instilled a sense of confidence and empowerment she had never felt before. She continued to sew and design throughout high school before attending college. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a B.F.A. in fashion design with a minor in media studies in May 2015.

Helping Women.

ABLE By Amanda Campbell believes in strong, capable, independent women. We design womenswear with a story to tell and strive to give a voice to women everywhere with our clothing. We believe in the empowering of women of all shapes and sizes and embrace diversity in everything we make. All women are beautiful.

We believe every woman can and should feel like they matter and belong. We are committed to bettering the fashion industry as a whole and making clothing that is inclusive for all. We design our garments with real women in mind. ABLE By Amanda Campbell is committed to making every women feel confident and beautiful through the power of clothing.

Complete Transparency.

ABLE By Amanda Campbell believes in bettering the environment by producing ethically made, sustainably sourced products using eco-friendly fabrics and low waste garment construction. We care about the environment just as much as we do about creating a high quality, long lasting products. Each product we sell is made using environmentally friendly fabrics. We source all our fabrics from ethically made, eco-conscious manufactures.

All of our garments are made by hand as ordered to eliminate waste and provide a truly one-of-a-kind product that is made to last. Our totebags are made using sustainable fabrics and dyes and are produced in America. Even our garment tags are made using recycled cotton and environmentally friendly dyes. We believe in being truly transparent about how all of our products are made. We believe we can all make a difference, one garment and accessory at a time.

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In an effort for even more women to be impacted by our missions of body positivity and mental health awareness you can find our accessories at these fine locations

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Our Collections

Womenswear with a story to tell. Each collection ABLE By Amanda Campbell designs takes inspiration from a personal and emotional experience and brings it to life in the form of beautiful, elegant and modern clothing.