Sophisticated Southwest

Fall - - 2015

Sophisticated Southwest was inspired by the quote “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life,” Fashion and how one dresses depends much on mood and it is most often that when we feel our worst, we dress our best. The collection pulls further inspiration from trips to the southwest over the past years where Campbell fell in love with the culture, nature and overall atmosphere of the area. She was particularly inspired by the deserts and jagged mountain ranges in the southwest.

When hiking in the area and being able to see all around for miles and miles, it made her feel so small and insignificant when being able to see the “big picture” of life. She was also inspired by the resilience and strength of the plant life in the southwest and connected her ideas of the southwest and using fashion as armor in that way.



All of our products are assembled by hand are environmentally responsible to bring you Eco-concious quality while still being affordable for any woman look to feel beautiful.